Overview Of Safety Programs

The entire Divine Canine staff receives ongoing training and certification on basic dog language, Pet CPR, care for overnight boarding guests, safe play in off-leash daycare groups, and emergency situations. This training allows the Divine Canine staff to properly manage both minor and emergency situations. Lastly, safety programs like customer questionnaires, off-leash play evaluations, and frequent report cards allow us to constantly evaluate new protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of your pet.

What is basic dog language training? Why is this important?

Basic dog language involves a series of unique facial expressions, body postures, sounds, and more to communicate emotions and intentions. As caretakers, it is important to recognize these forms of communication and the dog's intended behavior. Our entire staff is required to complete formal education through The Dog Gurus. Along with the initial certification, our team is required to complete semi-annual refresher courses.

What is a customer questionnaire?

The customer questionnaire is a handful of in-depth questions to let us know a little bit more about your pup. This will ensure the safety of all dogs in our care by evaluating if our facility is the best fit for them. This questionnaire will allow us to support furry friends that may be nervous, uncomfortable, or show signs of separation anxiety.

What is an off-leash play evaluation?

An off-leash evaluation is a checklist of behaviors, body language, and social interactions that we reference to ensure that your pup is enjoying playtime and behaving appropriately within the group. Our staff uses this checklist to grant break times when needed to maintain the safety of the whole group.

What is included in a report card?

Report cards include detailed feedback to pet parents on how their pup's stay is going. These reports allow us to develop a trusting relationship with our clients through open communication. We are then able to convey any behaviors that could be problematic, how we can help with this behavior and any improvements we see while working to correct the behavior.

Why is it important to be Pet CPR Certified? Who is trained in Pet CPR?

Pet CPR certification provides our staff with the knowledge and skills to prepare for and remain calm during an emergency. Our training educates our team not just in Pet CPR, but also how to recognize potentially dangerous situations that will help us prevent your pet from becoming ill or injured. All managers, leads, and supervisors are trained in Pet CPR. Additionally, this team will receive semi-annual refresher courses.

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Headshot of Cady

Meet Cady

Manager Of Safety Programs

Memphis-born and raised, Cady encapsulates southern hospitality and a hardworking mentality to a tee. Her loving family and first dog Dash set the building blocks for Cady's passion for animal care from the beginning. Her southern roots followed her to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where her soccer prowess led her to experience, high-pressure situations, excellent teamwork, and leadership capability. She used what she learned on the field to become the manager of one of the most successful dog boarding facilities in the country for 8 years. In turn, Cady decided to use her expertise to help elevate other facilities. As Safety Manager, Cady works with each pet-care center in the Yourgi Network & trains their staff on Off Leash Play Safety, Understanding Dog Language, and Pet CPR, and ensures each center is following all Safety Guidelines.