Summer Dog Grooming Tips

During the heat of the summer, our first instinct as pet owners is to keep our furry friends as cool and comfortable as possible. Just looking at our dogs and their full-time fur coats makes us start to sweat in sympathy. Have you ever wondered if they’d be cooler without all that fur? 

Actually, a dog’s coat is nature’s way of providing insulation and temperature regulation, so it’s cooler than you might think. Still, summer dog grooming is important, so here are a few tips to keep in mind during the hottest part of the year:

  • A summer trim is a good idea and makes regular brushing easier, but never shave your dog’s coat down to the skin. Shaving interferes with your dog’s natural cooling system, which involves a cooling layer of insulation provided by their fur. Haircuts and trims are best handled by a professional groomer with the expertise and equipment to provide a safe session and a cute cut.
  • Brush your dog frequently to prevent matting and to remove any loose fur caused by the seasonal thinning of the undercoat. A well-brushed coat will help the air circulate to provide that layer of insulation to keep your dog cooler. It also helps to cut down on the amount of shedding to deal with around your house.
  • Bathe your dog often enough to keep the dirt and allergens away, but not so often that it dries out his or her skin.
  • When your dog spends time outside, provide consistent shade and plenty of clean, cool water for drinking. Cooling mats also provide relief from the heat.
  • Go for walks in the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late evening. Hot pavement can cause discomfort and even burns on your dog’s paws.

As the outside temperatures heat up, don’t forget about the importance of regular grooming with a professional, as well as maintenance at home, to keep your dog as comfortable as possible. Schedule your next appointment today with our expert grooming staff so we can help you and your dog start off the summer season the right way – with a clean, easy to maintain, beautiful fur coat!

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